Moving Outside Your Comfort Zone May Not Be As Uncomfortable As You Think!

Moving outside your comfort zone may be what you’re your business needs right now!  Have you ever felt that your business has stagnated or even started to go backward?  This is a common situation that many business owners find themselves in, especially around the 5 – 10 year mark of being in business. 

This generally emanates from the business owner becoming too settled in their comfort zone of running the business day to day.  They have lost the importance of keeping focused on strategies of continuous improvement within the business and themselves.  The effects of losing focus results in a loss of passion, confidence, motivation and the desire to achieve greater success in the business.

Signs that this may be happening in your business include losing sight of the little things that matter in business – for example:

·       Preparing daily, weekly, monthly plans for staff and the business.

·       Untidy premises – inside and out.

·       Deteriorating décor, signage, POS materials.

·       Customers experiencing an uncomfortable ‘vibe or presence’ from the owner or staff in their delivery of good customer service.

·       Lack of urgency and in dealing with customer requirements, business dealings.

I have been working with a number of business owners who have found themselves in this position and have taken positive steps to rejuvenate their passion and desire to succeed in their business.  Without exception, the key thing that I have noticed with these business owners has been their willingness to accept ‘Change’ and their willingness to step outside their ‘Comfort Zone’, particularly in the way they had previously operated the business.

Examples of the ‘Change’ being made have been as simple as:

·       Beginning to Learn again – reading books, listening to business audio, watching business videos/YouTube.

·       Completing tomorrows diary today – planning activities that are urgent and important.

·       Applying the key business principles of TIME, TEAM, MONEY and SYSTEMS in ways that they had not considered or even thought possible.

·       An acceptance that ‘they didn’t know what they didn’t know’ in business.

·       Recognition of the importance of having a mentor or coach in business, someone to challenge the way they think about the business and hold them accountable to do the things they know need to be done.

When we first step outside our comfort zone, it may seem uncomfortable to begin with, however with persistence and consistent application of the ‘change’ being made, the feeling of ‘discomfort’ very quickly disappear.

A trait that successful business owners adopt and pursue, is a plan for continuous improvement, not only within the business but also within themselves.  ‘If you are not growing you are dying’.

Are you ready to establish your own plan for moving outside your comfort zone so that you can reignite the passion and desire you once had that will enable you and your business to continue to grow? 

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