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Team Principles

DISCovering Yourself

Have you ever wondered why different people act and behave differently in certain situations? 

I was chatting with a business owner the other day with regard to their total frustration with some of their team members, in seemingly not understanding the instructions on how the business owner wanted ...


7 Keys to a Winning Team

A good team is a nice thing to have.   However, complacency in business leads to missed opportunity!  To succeed in business, you need a GREAT TEAM. 

It’s Time To Expand Your TEAM Comfort Zone

As the pandemic restrictions begin to ease and business starts to reopen, now is a critical time to ensure that you have the best team in place, they are trained and trained ...

Direction and Purpose

Moving Outside Your Comfort Zone May Not Be As Uncomfortable As You Think!

Moving outside your comfort zone may be what you’re your business needs right now!  Have you ever felt that your business has stagnated or even started to go backward?  This is a common situation that many business owners find themselves in, especially


Achieving More with Purpose and Passion ...

We recently had our annual ANZAC coaching conference with a number of excellent national and international speakers.  The theme of the conference was Adaptability.  In reflecting on the many messages around adaptability that each speaker shared, there was one thing that really ...

Time Management

Have you allowed your Good Work Ethic to become a Bad Habit ...?

In a discussion with another business owner the other day, we debated whether their 70+ hr work week had become a bad habit or was it necessary to achieve the outcomes required for the business.

The reason we entered this debate was the business owner was adamant that he did not have the ...

Being Too Busy - Are you focused on the Right Things?

As a business owner, business manager or business leader, we can fall into the trap of being so busy doing things that we notice in the moment and only focus on the thing that we feel needs to be done right now. When we fall into this pattern we become so busy doing 'stuff', that we don't take time to ...

1 Hour Can Make A Difference ...

Every business owner knows that they need to spend time working “ON” their business no just working “IN” their business.  All too common, most business owners get stuck working IN the business and rarely find the time to focus on what is important in the areas of working ON the business.


Fast Forward Your Business - Business Growth Series

Do Your Really Understand Your Business …?

When business owners first start out in their business, they usually have a vision and a dream for what they want to achieve personally from going out on their own.  Over a period of time, most business owners become ...


The Business Ladder of Success

Level 1 – Mastery  [This is a Commercial Enterprise]

Business is like a game and like any game, it is best that you keep score to know whether you are winning or losing.  Unfortunately, all too many people in business either don’t know their score or ...

The Business Ladder of Success

Level 2 – Niche  [This is a Commercial Profitable Enterprise]

Niche is about marketing and having a consistent and predictable cashflow. If you live by price, you die by price.  You only attract price shoppers, so there is no loyalty. Loyalty and repeat business is what creates ...

The Business Ladder of Success

Level 3 – Leverage  [This is a Commercial, Profitable Enterprise, that Works]

Leverage is all about systematising your business.  The definition of Leverage is ‘The ability to influence a system, or an environment, in a way that multiplies the outcome of one's efforts without a corresponding increase in the consumption of ...

The Business Ladder of Success

Level 4 – Team  [This is a Commercial, Profitable Enterprise, that Works, Without You]

A team becomes more than just a collection of people when a strong sense of purpose and mutual commitment creates synergy, thus generating performance greater than ...

The Business Ladder of Success

Level 5 – Synergy & Level 6 - Results  [This is a Commercial, Profitable Enterprise, that Works, Without You]

At the Synergy level, the company is now running smoothly and to keep it that way it is imperative for the owner to keep a finger on the pulse of the business.  The only way the owner can assess if the business is ...

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